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Thank you for supporting our hot sauce that is Proudly Made in Buffalo NY! We utilize old world cooking techniques and a faithful obedience to fresh ingredients to deliver that unmistakable HeadStoneHeat splash of flavor and roar of fire for your taste buds.


Our mission:

To treat the vested individuals of HeadStoneHeat with the dignity and integrity they desire and deserve. We pride ourselves on veracity and creativity in both  product creation and public relations. Our success is measured by the positive impact we have within our community. 



Where ‘HeadStoneHeat’ Came From:

While hiking the hills through one of the most famous Victorian cemeteries in North America, a good friend and I bounced names back and forth in attempts to create a suitable brand name for my hot sauce. In between our rapid-fire word game, I repeated “look at that headstone… that’s a beautiful headstone… The detail on that headstone is exquisite!”

At one point we both looked at one another and asked “Why not HeadStone?” The Heat followed naturally. I have the pleasure of visiting this cemetery and I take full advantage regularly. Its serene and tranquil energy allow me to focus, meditate and simply relax. Naturally I visit as often as I can.

That is why HeadStoneHeat is a perfect fit.


Our Motives Come From The Heart:

Our Commitment to Traditional Processing like Nonna Vitale Did in the Old Country. We at HeadStoneHeat know that while tomatoes are a delicate and sweet fruit, the seeds can become quite bitter when cooked within a sauce. We process our own peppers as opposed to using extracts. In 2003, we fell in love with the Habañero Chili pepper plant, leading to the products available today from HeadStoneHeat ; the first ingredient in each recipe, consequently, is love!